This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Service Level Management.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Scheduling the building of service targets

You can build a service target when you save it or schedule a service target to be built later from the Service Targets tab of the Service Level Management console.

For example, if more than one service target needs to be built, you can schedule your service targets to build at an off-peak time. You only need to rebuild service targets if there are workflow changes. For example, if you modify a service target description, it does not need to be rebuilt.


Performance-based service targets do not need to be built. Only service targets that have a status of Need to be Built are rebuilt.


Building service targets involves the creation or modification of workflow. This causes a cache refresh for BMC Remedy AR System that might result in a decrease in BMC Remedy AR System performance.

For more details, see the following steps.

To schedule a rebuild of service targets

  1. Login to BMC Service Level Management.
  2. Open the SLM:ConfigPreferences form.
  3. Perform an unqualified search on the form.
    The form appears containing current data.
  4. In the Daily Build Time field, enter the date and time for the scheduled rebuild or
    click the ellipsis to display a calendar for selecting the date and time.
  5. Save the SLM:ConfigPreferences form.

The first rebuild takes place at the time and date specified and rebuilds occur thereafter at the same time every day. To stop the rebuild, clear the Daily Build Time field.

To schedule service target builds across different time zones

When you enter a time for a service target rebuild, the client system checks to see if it is the current time or later. When the time for a rebuild is established, the server schedules the daily rebuilds to run based on the client time.

For example, the time on the server is 10:00 PM and the time on the client is 11:00 PM. If you set the rebuild for 11:00 PM, the rebuilds start immediately and run at 11:00 PM daily thereafter.

The time on the server is 11:00 PM and the time on the client is 10:00 PM. If you set the rebuild for 11:00 PM, the rebuilds start an hour later and run at 11:00 PM daily thereafter.

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