This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Service Level Management.

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Release notes and notices

Learn what’s new or changed for BMC Service Level Management version 18.08, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches


This section only includes information about changes since the most recent release of BMC Service Level Management. If you are upgrading from a previous release, review the release notes for all applicable versions of the product. For example, if you are upgrading from version 9.0, review the release notes for versions 9.1 and 18.05.


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November 29, 201818.08.01: Patch 1 for version 18.08

This patch consolidates all the Hot Fixes delivered for Service Level Management version 18.08 and later into a single patch release. The patch also includes an enhancement for importing service targets. For more details, see Importing service targets and agreements.

August 31, 201818.08 enhancements

For enhancements in this release, see Remedy IT Service Management Suite enhancements .

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