This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Service Level Management.

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Installing security certificates on a BMC SLM Collector

Starting with the version 9.1.04, BMC will no longer provide support for the SLM Collector and all BMC provided integrations making use of the SLM Collector.

Perform the following procedure to enable a security certificate on BMC SLM Collector.


If you have multiple Collection Point instances, repeat the following procedure for each Collection Point. This makes sure that all of the certificates are held in the same truststore.

To install a security certificate on the Collector

  1. Export the public key of the BMC SLM Collection Point security certificate that you generated.
    You can do this directly from the BMC SLM Collection Point host using the Java Keytool utility to place the public key in a certificate file, as shown in the following example:

    >keytool -export -alias collectionPointName 
    -keystore collectionPoint.keystore 
    -file collectionPointName.cer
    Enter keystore password: keystorepass
    Certificate stored in file <collectionPointName.cer>
  2. Copy the certificate file that you created in step 1 to the BMC SLM Collector host.
  3. On the BMC SLM Collector host, import the public key to a truststore using the Java Keytool utility, as shown in the following example:

    >keytool -import -alias collectionPointName 
    -keystore collector.keystoreEnter keystore password: keystorepassOwner:, OU=Unknown, O=Unknown, L=Unknown,
    ST=Unknown, C=UnknownIssuer:,
    OU=Unknown, O=Unknown, L=Unknow
    n, ST=Unknown, 
    C=UnknownSerial number: 4328b381Valid from: Thu Sep 15 09:34:25 EST 2005
    until: Sun Jan 30 10:34:25 EST 2033Certificate fingerprints:MD5:
    Trust this certificate? no: yesCertificate was added to keystore*
  4. Save the truststore file in a convenient location on the BMC SLM Collector host.
  5. Edit the <WEBAPP_HOME>\WEB-INF\classes\ file to reflect the location and password of the truststore file. Edit, or create, the following properties:
    • trustStore: type the full path to the collector.keystore truststore file. Make sure you use the forward slash (/ ) character as file delimiters.
    • trustStorePassword: type the truststore password that you created in step 3. Following is an example of how to configure
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