This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Service Level Management.

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Setting up reports for monitoring agreements

After your agreements are operational, you begin to monitor the results. The reporting mechanism and intervals are part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Operational Level Agreement (OLA) and Underpinning Contract (UC).


You should only include items in an agreement that can be monitored and measured.

An application that manages service levels should contain a set of predefined reports that business relationship managers and service level managers can use to monitor activities related to the service organization. Reports should be scheduled to coincide with review cycles. BMC Service Level Management (BMC SLM) offers the following predefined reports to help you monitor your operation. For more details about these reports see Working with reports.

BMC SLM Reports



Team Assignments

This is a single report that provides a history of the different individuals who have been assigned to work on the request.


BMC Service Level Management has several time-based compliance reports. The summary compliance report shows the agreement compliance target and the current compliance for all review periods for the specified date.


BMC Service Level Management has several time-based cost reports. The summary report shows impact costs and penalties or rewards accumulated for all review periods ending on specified date.

Service Targets

BMC Service Level Management has several service target reports. The reports are based on time, request-based agreements, and performance-monitoring agreements.


This is a single report that shows the performance-monitoring service targets for which there is no data.

Agreements and service targets are monitored automatically. If targets are not being met, or agreements are at risk, notification actions are automatically triggered for the appropriate people. In addition, the service level manager keeps track of results using the dashboards or reports, and works with other IT staff to create appropriate action plans for service improvement. Periodic review and drive service improvements.

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