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Version 9.1.00 enhancements

This topic describes the enhancement provided in version 9.1.00 of BMC Service Desk.

Process_Event operation supported by HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service

The HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service now supports the new Process_Event operation. Using the Process_Event operation, you can create or update an incident, relate an event to an incident, and consolidate related incidents. For more information, see Process_Event in the BMC Service Desk online documentation.

Enhancement to BMC Remedy ITSM user permissions

The following enhancements or changes are made to the BMC Remedy ITSM data access model:

  • Support group centric ticket data access — Ticket data access is now managed based on individuals (for example, submitter, on behalf of, and assignee) and support groups associated with a ticket.  This restricts ticket access to only those users who are directly connected to a ticket or to a support group associated with a ticket. For more information, see Row level security.
  • Support for hierarchical groups — This feature is based on the existing hierarchical group feature in BMC Remedy AR System and allows you to create collector groups that are parents of other groups. The parent group can access its own ticket data and the ticket data of its child groups. You can extend the ticket data access to higher groups using hierarchical groups. For more information, see Hierarchical groups. 
  • Assignment menus are tied to the company fields — Manual support group assignment is now restricted to the company the ticket is for. The assignment menus display support groups relevant to the location and contact companies mentioned on a ticket. The new Application Administration Console > Foundation > Advanced Options > Support Group Assignment Configuration > Configure Assignment Groups for a Service Company form allows you to define valid support groups for a company. For more information, see Support group configuration for assignments.

For more information on the above enhancements and post upgrade considerations, see Data access model enhancements in BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.


This feature affects the following BMC Remedy ITSM applications:

  • BMC Asset Management
  • BMC Change Management
  • BMC Service Desk
  • BMC Service Request Management
  • BMC Knowledge Management
  • BMC Service Level Management (only hierarchical groups)

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