This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Desk.

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Proposing a temporary workaround

Problem investigations can be created proactively or reactively. A proactive problem investigation comes from your capacity management system and is created to avoid incidents caused by capacity shortages. Reactive problem investigations are related to one or more incident requests.

If the problem investigation was created by the capacity management system, you can skip this step and go to Establishing the root cause. If the problem investigation is related to one or more incident requests, try to find a workaround to resolve the incidents. You might find useful information about the Resolution tab of the related incident request record. See Viewing incident request records for information about viewing incident request records. If you identify a workaround, carefully describe it in the Workaround field of the problem investigation record. Until a permanent solution is found, this information can be useful to service desk analysts and other specialists working on similar cases.


It is possible that a workaround from a previous analysis is already described in the Workaround field. If this is the case, review the workaround and update the description if necessary.

If you cannot find a practical workaround for the problem, make sure that you record this in a work information note on the Work Detail tab.

To record a workaround

  1. Open the relevant problem investigation as described in Viewing problem investigations.
  2. In the Workaround field, type a description of the workaround.
  3. Click Save.
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