This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Desk.

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Proposing a structural solution

After you determine the problem's root cause, if possible, determine the best way to permanently fix it. For example, if the problem is related to a CI that is still under warranty, contact the supplier for a replacement CI.

In a work information note on the Work Detail tab, describe the proposed structural solution. If there are multiple possible solutions, make sure you record all them.

After determining the best solution, based on technical, financial, and availability considerations, use a work information note to record the preferred solution, providing details about how to implement it.

If a service infrastructure change is required to resolve the problem, recommend that the problem coordinator create a known error to coordinate the change through the Change Management process. The Change Management process is required when:

  • Services become unavailable or is degraded during service hours
  • The functionality of a service changes
  • The BMC Atrium CMDB requires an update

If you cannot find or implement a practical solution, make sure that you use a work information note to record the reasons why a solution is not currently available.

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