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Managing problem investigations

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  1. Mohammad Rehman

    I don't see Problem related to another problem section. Also when we relate problem to another problem it has three choices to relate ( Related To, Investigate, Investigated By). What is the meaning of all these three, if one problem is resolved and completed will it complete the related one as well?

    Jun 02, 2017 10:52
    1. Nidhi Das

      Hello Mohammad,

      I will discuss this with the concerned SME and will write back to you.


      Jun 05, 2017 03:56
    1. Aditya Kirloskar

      Hello Mohammad,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. We are working on documenting Problem management features in detail. But, wanted to give feedback for your questions first.

      The 3 types of problem investigation relationships can be explained as:

      Related to: Relates to the association of the current problem with an existing problem.
      Investigate: Relates to the investigation of a root cause of a related problem.
      Investigate by: Relates to an investigation of another problem which is similar to the current problem.

      If one problem is resolved and completed, the related problem will not be marked as complete.



      Feb 18, 2019 04:49