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Recording the cost of working on an investigation

You can record the costs of working on the investigation by using the Financials tab on the Problem Investigation form.


Recording the cost of working on an investigation is performed from the Classic view.

To record the cost of working on an investigation

  1. With the relevant Problem Investigation form open, click the Financials tab.
  2. In the Investigation Cost area, click Create.
    The Cost Category field is set to Problem Investigation. This indicates the form from which you entered the charge. You cannot change this value.
  3. On the Cost form, select the appropriate cost center code from the list.
    This is the code name for the business unit or organization within the company to be charged for servicing the problem investigation. When you select the cost center code, the Company and Cost Center Name fields display the values attached to the cost center code.
  4. From the Cost Classification list, select either Actual or Budget.
  5. In the Related Cost field, type the cost amount, and select the currency from the list.
  6. If appropriate, you can also:
    • Select the cost type. Cost types are defined by your organization for reporting purposes.
    • Enter a description.
    • Select the unit type. The unit type indicates whether cost is measured as a flat rate, or in hours or minutes. If you select a unit type of hours or minutes, you must type the number of hours or minutes in the Related Units field.
    • Enter the date the charge was incurred. To set it to the current date, you can leave this field blank.
  7. Click Save.
    The totals for budgeted and actual costs appear at the bottom of the table.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for each cost associated with the investigation.
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