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Process flow and the lifecycle of a problem investigation

This topic presents information on two aspects of the process flow of a problem investigation:

  • Problem management basic process flow: The information in this section describes how a problem investigation moves through its lifecycle, from creation to closure. 
  • Process flow status bar: The information in this section shows you how to use the Process Status bar in the Best Practice view of the problem investigation form to move problem investigation through a best practice lifecycle.

Problem management basic process flow 

Watch the following video (8:25) to learn about the basic flow of the problem management process.


Although the concepts and procedures presented in this video are correct, the user interfaces shown are not current.

Process flow status bar

The Process Flow Status area displays the process flow of the problem investigation within the Problem Investigation form. A diagram shows the stages of a problem investigation in blue. The current stage of the investigation is highlighted in green. The status of the investigation is indicated both by color and text. Process Flow Status area on the Problem Investigation form

Process flow status area
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The following figure provides an overview of the problem investigation lifecycle.

Overview of the problem investigation lifecycle
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