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Troubleshooting service requests with errors

If the service request cannot be completed because of an error from BMC Change Management or Incident Management, you can view which service requests contain errors and review the event log to troubleshoot the service request.


To see service requests with errors, you need Command Event Master permissions in addition to Requester console Master permissions.

To view requests with errors

  1. From the Navigation pane of the Requester console, choose Request Errors > View Requests with Errors.
  2. Click the Change/Incident Data tab.
  3. Click Reset Error to restart the service request.
    Users can now continue to work on the service request.
  4. Click View Events to review the event log and troubleshoot the service request.
  5. View the event details:
    • Protocol
    • Access Mode
    • Error Code
    • Error Message
  6. Take any of the following actions for events that are in error:
    • Retry
      It is best to retry each event in the order the events are generated. By default, the event table is sorted with the recent event on top, in reverse chronological order. Typically events should be retried when the problem indicated by the error message has been fixed.
    • Ignore


Delete service requests with caution. They cannot be recovered. You must have BMC Remedy AR System administrator permissions to delete service request records.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.