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Troubleshooting email record creation and updates

This topic describes how to troubleshoot email record creation and updates and includes information about:

The Messages tab on the Inbound Email Rule Configuration form provides you with a tool to help you troubleshoot incidents with the email service requests capability.

Messages tab overview

The table on the left of the Messages tab contains a list of the email messages that were received for processing. You can filter the email messages table to show only messages that were created today (the default setting) or to show all messages created in the last seven days. The Show Messages radio buttons at the top of the tab control this filter. From this table, you can see the message's status (New, Done, or Error).

The table on the right of the tab has additional information about the message selected in the table, including a summary of its To, From, and Subject fields. This table also tells you when the message was created, shows the system-generated, unique ID of the message, and indicates the name of the rule, or use case, that the Email Rule Engine ran.

To see more information about the selected message, click Transaction. If the use case triggered by the message ran successfully, you can also view the record that it created. Click View Request and use the links at the bottom of the tab.


When working in the Messages tab, if you select Global from the Company menu, you do NOT see messages for all of the companies defined for your installation.

Before you begin

To perform the following procedure, you must have system administrator and Email Rule Config permissions (Email Rule Config is a Foundation related permission).

You must also have permissions to view incident requests, problem investigations, known errors, work orders, and tasks so that you can use the troubleshooting tools. For information about specific BMC Service Desk permissions, see Incident Management permissions and Problem Management permissions. For information about BMC Service Request Management permissions, see User permissions.

To troubleshoot by using the Messages tab

  1. From the Application list on the left side of the IT Home page, select Administrator Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Email Engine Rules > Configure Rules.
  2. In Company at the top of the form, select the company for which you are troubleshooting messages.
  3. Click the Messagestab.


    When the Messages tab opens, it is filtered by Created Today by default. To see messages that were created before today but no more than seven days ago, click Last 7 Days at the top of the tab.

  4. In the table on the left of the tab, select the message that you are troubleshooting.
  5. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Transaction — To see details of the email transaction if the transaction failed and you need to investigate the reason
    • View Request — To see the record created by the transaction

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