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Searching for similar problem investigations

After accepting a problem investigation assignment, if you remember having worked on a similar problem investigation, you can use the Advanced Search feature to find it. Viewing similar problem investigations might help you find the root cause of your current problem investigation.


If you have access to BMC Knowledge Management, you can also use that application to help you find information to help with the problem investigation. For information about using BMC Knowledge Management, see the BMC Knowledge Management documentation.

The following procedure helps you to find problem investigations that are already related to other records.

To search for similar problem investigations

  1. From the Navigation pane on the Problem Management console, choose Functions > Advanced Search.
  2. In the Advanced Search Selection dialog box, select the type of search you want to perform, then click Select:
    • Search Problem Investigation by Work Info — Searches for problem investigation using fields from the Work Detail tab (Work Info tab when using the Classic view)
    • Search Problem Investigation by Relationships — Searches for problem investigations using fields from the Relationship form
  3. On the search form, provide as much information about the previous problem investigation as possible, and then click Search.
  4. View the matching problem investigations in the table that appears.

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