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Searching for similar incident requests

Another tool that you can use for finding similar incident request records is the Advanced Search feature, which is available from the Incident Management console.

To search for similar incident requests

  1. From the Navigation pane on the Incident Management console, choose Functions > Advanced Search.
  2. In the Advanced Search Selection dialog box, select the type of search that you want to perform, and then click Select.
    • Search Incidents by Work Info — Searches for incident request using fields from the Work Details tab (Work Info when using the Classic view) tab.
    • Search Incidents by Relationships — Searches for incident requests using fields from the Relationship form.
    • Search Incidents by Assignment Logs — Searches for Incidents using fields from the Assignment Log form.
  3. On the search form, provide as much information as possible, and then click Search.
  4. View the incident requests that match the search criteria in the table that appears.


    You can use the advanced search bar to define a more complex set of criteria than you can specify by using only fields in a form. For example, you can search for all incident requests with two different values in the same field. Thus, you can search for all incident requests that have a status of Resolved or Closed.

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