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Root cause analysis

After a problem investigation is assigned to you for investigation, you perform a root cause analysis to determine the problem's cause.

If the problem has caused one or more incidents, you first try to find a temporary workaround to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible. If a temporary workaround is available, update the problem investigation record with details about the workaround, including how to implement it. This information can be used later to resolve other incidents caused by the same or similar problems until a structural solution is found and implemented.

After assessing temporary workarounds, begin to investigate the root cause of the problem. After finding the root cause, you update the problem investigation with a description of the root cause.

After determining what is causing the problem, you investigate possible structural solutions. Ensure you add a description of each option to the problem investigation along with a recommendation for the preferred solution.

If you can perform a structural solution, implement the solution and then update the problem investigation with the solution. If the change management process is needed to permanently work around or solve the root cause, ensure you inform the problem coordinator that change management must be involved with the analysis.

If you cannot determine the problem's root cause or cannot propose a structural solution, then record this in the problem investigation along with an explanation.

When you finish the root cause analysis, regardless of the outcome, you must inform the problem coordinator that your work is completed.

Root cause analysis

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