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Registering incident requests

When a user contacts the service desk with an incident request, you first determine the nature of the request. If the request is about a previously registered request, you query the request and update the user with the current status.

If the request concerns an incident that was resolved, but for which the resolution was not effective, reopen the incident request record and assign the incident to a specialist.

If this is a new incident request, you create an new incident request record by capturing key information about the user and the incident. If possible, you resolve the incident immediately and then complete the incident request, otherwise you make sure the incident request is assigned to the appropriate group.

The following figure provides an overview of the registering incident requests process, as described by the BMC Service Management Process Model.

Registering incident requests

The following topics are described in this section:

The following video presentation describes how to quickly create a fully qualified incident request.


Although the concepts and procedures presented in this video are correct, the user interfaces shown are not current.

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