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Incident request review process

The incident request review is the first process in the problem management lifecycle. You perform incident request reviews periodically, according to your organization's schedule. When performing an incident request review, you analyze incident request information to identify potential problems in the services you are responsible for. This information is most often obtained from the Incident Management application. However, incident information can also come from specialists who have resolved incident requests with a workaround and who think the incident might recur if the root cause is not removed quickly.

After you identify a problem, create a new problem investigation. You link the problem investigation to the incident requests that were caused by the problem. You can also create a problem investigation from an incident request in the Incident Management application. See Creating a problem from an incident for information about how to do this.


Creating a problem investigation from an incident request automatically creates a relationship between the incident request and the newly created problem.

You then assign the new problem investigation to a specialist for analysis. When assigning the problem investigation, choose a specialist whose skills, availability, and access rights make them the most appropriate person to perform the analysis.

If you find an incident request during the incident request review for which a problem investigation has already been registered, you should link the incident request to the problem investigation.

Incident request review

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