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Editing the company specific excluded subjects

This topic describes how to edit the company specific excluded subjects.

You can update the following values for each excluded subject in the Excluded Subjects list:

  • Status — The value can be Active or Inactive.
  • Name — Change the actual text that the Email Rule Engine evaluates.
  • Sort Order — Change the order in which the Email Rule Engine evaluates the excluded subject.


You cannot edit the out-of-the-box excluded subjects.

Before you begin

To perform any Email Rule Engine configuration procedure, you must have Email Rule Config permissions (these are Foundation related permissions). Also, ensure that the BMC Remedy Email Engine is installed on your system. This includes ensuring that the specific email inbox that your system will use to receive the incoming email is configured. For information about configuring mailboxes, see Configuring BMC Remedy Email Engine.

Also, the person creating the email service request must have their own email address recorded in the Email Address field of their People form record.

To edit an excluded subject

  1. Open the Inbound Email Rule Configuration form.
  2. From the Application list on the left side of the IT Home page, select Administrator Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > Email Engine Rules > Configure Rules.
  3. From the Company field at the top of the Inbound Email Rule Configuration form, select the company for which you are editing the excluded subject.
  4. Click the Base Configuration tab.
  5. From the Category list, select Excluded Subject.
    A table lists the excluded subjects.
  6. In the table, double-click the excluded subject that you want to edit.
  7. Change the values as required.
  8. Click Modify.

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