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Closing the problem investigation and known errors

After verifying that the structural solution resolved the problem (a process that can take days or even weeks of monitoring), close the problem investigation and any related known errors.

This topic contains the following procedures:


After you close a problem investigation, you can no longer modify it. Therefore, ensure that the root cause has been resolved and review all information about the problem investigation on the Problem Investigation form before you change the investigation's status to Closed.

If you do not close the problem investigation or the known error within a specified period of time, Problem Management automatically moves the status of the problem investigation or known error to Closed. The length of this period is configurable. Check with your system administrator to determine how much time your organization specifies. The default setting is 15 days.

To close a problem investigation

  1. Open the relevant problem investigation as described in Viewing problem investigations.
  2. Review the Problem Investigation form to verify that the details are complete.
  3. From the Status list, select Closed.
  4. Click Save.
    The status is changed to Closed.

To close a known error

  1. From the Company and View By lists on the Problem Management console, select the appropriate Company and View By criteria.
  2. From the Defined Searches area of the Navigation pane on the Problem Management console, choose Known Error > All Open Known Errors.
  3. Click Refresh.
    The Problems table refreshes with all open known errors for the selected Company and View By fields.
  4. Select the known error and click View.
  5. On the Known Error form, set the Status field to Closed.
  6. Record a summary of how the known error was resolved:
    • (Best Practice view) Type the summary in the Resolution field.
    • (Classic view)
      1. Click the Resolution tab.
      2. Type the summary in the Resolution field.
  7. Complete any other fields that will help someone else viewing the record to understand how the known error was resolved.
  8. Click Save.

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