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Closing tasks

When you have completed a task, you are ready to close it.


Depending on how your system is configured, you might not be able to resolve the incident until you close the task.

To close a task

  1. Open an incident record and click the Tasks tab.
  2. Select a task and click View.
  3. On the task form, click the Assignment tab.
  4. Update the time you spent on the task.
    You can create an entry in the effort log as needed.
  5. Click the Work Info tab.
  6. Make an entry in the Work Info History field.
  7. At the top of the Task form, set the Status field to Closed.
    When a task is set to a status of Closed and certain conditions apply, you have the option of updating related CIs that might be affected by this modification.
  8. Select a status reason to describe how the task was closed. The closure codes are:
    • Success
    • Failed
    • Canceled
  9. Click Save.

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