This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Remedy Service Desk, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Resolving, closing, and canceling incident requests with open tasks

You resolve and close incident requests with open tasks the same way that you close other types of incident requests. However, depending how your environment is configured, if you resolve or close an incident request with open tasks, you might receive either an error message or a warning message. Depending on your configuration, it is also possible to receive no message.

The following paragraphs describe what to do if you receive an error message, what happens when you receive a warning message, and when you receive no message:

  • Error message — If you receive an error message when closing an incident that has open tasks, you must close all the open tasks before you can close the incident.
    When the Incident Resolution with Open Tasks rule is configured to generate an error message, the error condition stops all workflow processing and prevents the incident from being closed. This is the default configuration.
  • Warning message — If you receive a warning message when closing an incident that has an open task, you can still close the incident successfully. The task remains open, however.
  • No message — It is possible to close an incident that has an open task and receive no message, depending on how your installation is configured. If you receive no message when closing an incident with an open task, the task remains open.

If you cancel an incident that has an open task associated with it, the open task is also canceled.

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