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This documentation supports the 19.11 version of Remedy Service Desk, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Creating broadcast messages from the Incident or Problem form

To create a broadcast message from one Incident Management or Problem Management form, you must have the functional role of Broadcast Submitter. To have this functional role added to your system ID, contact your system administrator.

To create a broadcast message from a Service Desk form

  1. To open the New/Modify Broadcasts form, from the Navigation pane, select Quick Actions > Broadcast Incident (or Broadcast Problem).
    When you create a broadcast message from a record, it is related to that record. When you create a broadcast message from a console, it is not related to any specific record.

  2. Enter information in the following required fields:




    Select the company to which this broadcast pertains. Only users with access to this company can see the broadcast. If you select Global from the Company list, the broadcast is sent to everyone.
    Of the various Location fields, only Company is mandatory. The other Location fields: Region, Site Group, Site, Organization, and Department, are informational fields that allow you to specify the physical location, and so on, to which the broadcast applies. These fields otherwise do not restrict who can see the broadcast. All people assigned to the specified company will see the broadcast.


    A short description of what the broadcast is about.

    Broadcast Message

    The text of your message.

    Broadcast Type

    Select a broadcast type from the list.

    Broadcast Start Date and Broadcast End Date

    To start the broadcast now, click inside the Broadcast Start Date field, and press Enter. To select a date from the calendar, click the Browse button next to the field, then use the calendar that appears to select the date on which the broadcast is to start and the date on which you want it to end. You can also specify times of the day using the Time feature at the bottom of the calendar.

    Broadcast Originated From

    This field is completed by the system. The contents depend on where you are creating the broadcast. If you broadcast from an incident, this is set to Incident.

    Broadcast Originated From ID

    This field is filled in by the system, but only when you create a broadcast from within a record. If you create a broadcast from the main console, the field appears dimmed.

    View Access

    Select Internal if you want the broadcast enabled only for members of your organization. If you also want the broadcast enabled from the Requester console, select Public.


    If you want a broadcast notification automatically sent to an individual or group, select Yes. If you select Yes, the Manual Email button and the Notify Support area appear. Use the Manual Email button to manually send an email about the broadcast to a person or group. When the Email System form appears, enter the recipient's email address in the Internet email field, and then click Send Email Now. Use the Notify Support area to indicate the group you want to notify of the broadcast. You must complete all of the fields: Support Company, Support Organization, and Support Group. The notification is sent at the time and on the date specified in the Broadcast Start Date field.


    Select a priority level for the broadcast. The choices are Low, Medium, and High.

  3. To add an attachment to the broadcast message, right-click inside the table and choose Add from the menu that appears.
    The Add Attachment dialog box appears. Use this to indicate the file you want to attach. Click Open to attach the indicated file. You are limited to one attachment for each broadcast.

  4. To allow members of another group to modify the message, perform the following steps:
    1. Click the Authoring Groups tab.
    2. Click Manage Authoring Groups.
      The Authoring Group dialog box appears.
    3. Indicate the group that you want to have authoring rights by selecting from the menus. The support group that you belong to appears in the table by default.

    4. Click Add when you finish.
    5. You can indicate another group, or click Close to dismiss the dialog box.
  5.  Click Save to save the broadcast message and close the dialog box. 


     When viewing a broadcast message, you can also create new broadcast messages. For more information, see Working with broadcasts.

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