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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Service Desk.

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Incident resolution with first call resolution

Francie Stafford is a service desk analyst who works on the Calbro Services service desk. She receives a call from Joe Unser, a Calbro Services benefits agents who cannot access one of his key applications, because he is locked out of his user account. Francie creates an incident request, resolves the incident for Joe, and then closes the incident request.

The following table describes the typical steps involved in this user scenario: 


Tasks and actions



Contacting the service desk

Joe Unser, the service desk customer, phones Francie Stafford on the service desk

Joe Unser needs to have one of his user accounts unlocked, and calls the service desk to open an incident request.

Service desk analyst

Registering the incident request record

  1. On the Incident Management console, Francie clicks Create, to open a new incident request record.
  2. Francie enters the first few letters of Joe's email address on the incident request form and then presses Enter. The application matches the email address and fills in part of the incident request record based on the contents of Joe's People record.
  3. Francie selects the appropriate template to populate the new incident request record with basic information common to all requests of this type.
  4. In the template, Francie sees a set of work instructions that describe how to unlock Joe's account.

Francie Stafford receives Joe's call and, using the Incident Management Best Practice view, creates a new incident request record using the applicable template.

For detailed information about how to do this, see Creating an Incident request record by using a template.

Francie is able to unlock Joe's account while he is on the phone.

For detailed information about first call resolution, see First call resolution.

Service desk analyst and Service desk customer

Closing the incident request

  1. After unlocking Joe's account, Francie asks him to confirm the account has been unlocked successfully by logging into his application.
  2. Joe is able to log in, and confirms this to Francie.
  3. Francie then enters the resolution in the Resolution text box, makes sure that all other required fields on the incident request record are completed, and then moves the incident request record's Status to Closed.

While Joe is still on the phone, Francie asks him to confirm that his account is unlocked and that he can log in to his system.

Joe confirms this, so Francie updates the Incident Request with resolution information, closes the incident record and then saves the Incident Request.

For detailed information about closing incident request records, see Closing incident requests.

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