This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Service Desk.

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Problem Management Best Practice view

Problem Management provides you with the Best Practice View to view the Problem Investigation and Known Error forms.

Your view is configured for you by your system administrator. For information about configuring views, see  Configuring custom views in the Remedy ITSM Suite online documentation.

In the Best Practice view, the fields most commonly used for updating, resolving, and closing problem investigations and for working with known errors are immediately visible. You can access additional, less frequently used functionality from the tabbed sections of the form or from the links in the Navigation pane.

The following list outlines the Best Practice view features:

  • Coordinator Group(Problem Investigation and Known Error forms) Use the Coordinator Group field to select a support group. The support groups that appear in the menu each have at least one member with the functional role of a Problem Coordinator. From the Coordinator Group menu, you select the company, the organization, and then the support group. Only the selected support group name appears in the Coordinator Group field. 
  • Problem Coordinator(Problem Investigation and Known Error forms) Use the Problem Coordinator field to select a Problem Coordinator for the problem investigation. The names that appear on this menu belong to the support group selected in the Coordinator Group field and have the functional role of Problem Coordinator. 
  • Problem Location — The Problem Location field specifies the location of the CI that is the focus of the problem investigation. The Location record includes the name of the client company, the region, the site group, and the specific site. 
  • Known Error Location — The Known Error location field specifies the location of the CI that is the focus of the knows error. The Location record is always the name of the problem coordinator company. 
  • Service field(Problem Investigation and Known Error forms) The Service field relates business service configuration items (CIs) to the problem investigation or known error at the time it is created. All available business service CIs appear in the Service field menu and are only limited by the access levels of the person creating the problem investigation or the known error. 
  • CI field(Problem Investigation and Known Error forms) The CI field specifies to which piece of infrastructure the problem investigation pertains. This field is can be configured to be a required field when you resolve an incident; however, you can specify the CI at any time in the problem investigation lifecycle. 
  • Investigation Driver(Problem Investigation form) The Investigation Driver field specifies the following reason for the investigation. 

    High Impact IncidentThe incident is critical.
    Recurring IncidentsThe incident occurs repeatedly.
    Non-routine IncidentThe incident occurs sometimes.
    OtherAny other type of incident.
  • Product and Operational Categorization(Problem Investigation and Known Error forms) If the problem investigation record is created from an incident request, the operational categorization and the product categorization fields are automatically filled, out based on the categorizations specified in the originating incident request. Likewise, when you create a known error from a problem investigation, the product categorization fields are automatically filled, based on the categorizations of the originating Problem Management record. If you are creating a new problem investigation or known error from within the Problem Management feature, or if the originating record did not specify a product categorization, the product categorization is filled automatically, based on the business service CI that you select in the Service field. You can also quickly select or change operational and product categorizations from the Classification tab. This makes sure the correct categorization information is used to manage the problem investigation.

    If your organization does not track incident requests using categorizations, the Classification tab might not be visible on your version of the user interface.

The Best Practice view is recommended for all Problem Management users, regardless of their role.

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