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Assigning and reassigning incident requests

Service desk analysts and Group Coordinators each play a role in assigning incident requests. The information in this section applies to service desk analysts. If you work as a Group Coordinator or in another management role, see Working with incident requests as a managerFor information about the group coordinator's role, see Assigning incident requests as a group coordinator.

When you register a new incident request, one of the following actions happen:

  • The routing rules used by Incident Management automatically assign the incident request to the most appropriate group when the incident request record is saved. For more information, see 
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  • If the incident request is created from a template that has an assignment group predefined, the incident request is assigned to the predefined assignment group.

If you reopen a current incident request, you manually reassign the incident request to the most appropriate group. For information about how to do this, see Reassigning incident requests. The coordinator of the group to which the incident request is assigned then reviews the request.

The following figure provides an overview of the incident request assignment process as described by the BMC Service Management Process Model:

Assigning incident requests

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Reassigning incident requests

You can reassign an incident to either an individual or a support group. Use the shortcut in the Quick Actions section of the Incident Request form to reassign an incident to yourself (Assign to Me) or to reassign an incident based on automatic routing (Auto Assign). This assigns the incident based on predefined mapping. Automated assignment can be based on the customer organization, location, operational categorization, or product categorization.

To reassign an incident

  1. Open the incident request record.
  2. Reassign the investigation:
    1. On the Incident form, select the Assigned Group from the list associated with the Assigned Group field.
    2. Select the Assignee from the Assignee field list.
  3. Click Save.
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