This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Service Desk.

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Hiding or displaying the Task and Categorization tabs in Incident Management

You can control whether the Tasks and the Categorization tabs appear in the best practice view of the Incident form. Both of the tabs appear by default.

If your organization does not use the Task Management System feature, or does not use operational or product categorizations (which appear on the Categorization tab) when assigning incident requests, then you can hide these tabs. You do this from the Application Administration console, using the procedure that follows.

You might perform this procedure, for example, if you want to simplify the view by hiding tabs that are not used.

To hide the Tasks and the Categorization tabs

  1. Log in to the Remedy ITSM Suite using an account that has Incident Config permissions.
  2. From the IT Home page, open the Application Administration console.
  3. From the Custom Configuration tab, select Incident Management > Advanced Options > Incident Management Settings.
  4. On the Incident Management Settings dialog box, click Show Settings.
  5. From the Show Incident Task Tab menu, select No.
  6. From the Show Incident Categorization Tab menu, select No.
  7. Click Add/Modify Settings, and then click Close.


If these tabs are hidden and you need to display them, reverse this procedure by selecting Yes in steps 5 and 6.

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