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Defining relationships

Use the information provided in this topic to define relationships for incident or problem record.


Work info records are tied to the record on which they are created. This means that when you create a relationship among records, you can only view a work info record from the record where it was originally created.

  1. Open the incident request or problem investigation record.


    If you want to create a new incident request by using a template and then define the relationship, you must first apply the template to create a request and then define the relationship. 

  2. In the Quick Actions area, click the arrow beside Create Relationship to.
  3. From the menu, select the type of record to you want to relate the current record to.


    If BMC Knowledge Management is installed in your environment, then continue with this procedure. Otherwise, go to step 5 of To define a relationship (Classic view) and complete that procedure.

  4. In the Search field of the dialog box that opens, type a search string. For example, if you are creating a relationship to an incident request about a printer that regularly goes off-line, you might type printer off line.
    The search scans multiple fields in each record looking for a match, and returns a list of records that contain the phrase "printer off line" in one of the scanned fields.


    The type of search dialog box that appears depends on the type of record you chose from the menu. Try to supply as much information as possible in each type of search to reduce the overall number of records returned by the search. If, after using a more specific search string, the search returns too many records, consider using the advanced search. To do this, click Use Advanced Search, which opens a form in search mode that is relevant to the type of relationship you are making. This search behaves the same way as the search described in To define a relationship (Classic view).

  5. From the search results table, select the specific record to which you want to create the relationship.
  6. From the Relationship Type list at the bottom of the search dialog box, select the type of relationship you want to create.
  7. Create the relationship by clicking the appropriate relationship type button at the bottom of the dialog box.


    The specific text on the relate button depends on the type of relationship you are creating. For example, if you are creating a relationship with another incident request record, the button reads Relate. If you are creating a relationship with a known error, there are two relate buttons: Relate With Solution and Relate Without Solution, and so on.

  8. Click Close to dismiss the dialog box.

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