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Copying relationships

When you define a relationship between the current record and another record, the other record might already have one or more records related to it. To more thoroughly document all the record relationships, you can chose to relate the other record's related records to the current record. For example: you are creating a relationship between Incident Request Record A and CI B. Unknown to you, CI B already has a relationship with Incident Request Record C. However, by using the procedure described in this section, you discover the relationship between CI B and Incident Request Record C and subsequently decide to make a relationship between Incident Request Record A and Incident Request Record C. To view the other record's other relationships and relate them to the current incident request record, use the procedure that follows.


You cannot use this procedure to copy related CIs.

To copy relationships

  1. Open the incident request or problem investigation record.
  2. Click the Relationships tab.
  3. From the Relationships table, select the record with the other relationships that you want to copy.
  4. From the Quick Actions list on the Relationships tab, select Get Related Relationships, then click Execute.
    The Copy Related Relationships dialog box appears. This dialog box contains a table of all other records related to the record you selected in Copying relationships.
  5. From the table of related records, select the other record that you want to relate to the current record.


    To see the details of the other record, select it, then click View. A form appears with detailed information about the selected record. Use this feature to help you determine whether you want to relate the other record to the current record.

  6. Click inside the Relationship Type field.


    The contents of the Relationship Type list depends on the type of record you are trying to create the relationship with.

  7. Select the type of relationship you want to create, and then click Select.
  8. Click OK to dismiss the note that confirms the relationship creation.
  9. Close the Copy Related Relationships form.
    The newly created relationship appears in the Relationships table.
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