This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Service Desk.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Mapping scripts

You must have Config Group Mapping Admin permissions to map scripts. You use mappings to search for scripts within a Remedy ITSM form (for example, the Incident form). Script mappings have the following data structures:

  • Organization
  • Location
  • Operational Categorization
  • Product Categorization

To relate a script to a mapping entry

  1. From the Application Administration console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. From the Application Settings list, choose Incident Management > Script Configuration > Script Database, and then click Open
  3. To search for the script on the Script Setup form, enter the search criteria, then click Search.
  4. In the Script table, select the script to associate with a mapping.
    The scripts in the Script table drive the mapping entries in the Script Association Mapping table (that is, the scripts in the Script table are directly related to the mappings in the Script Association Mapping table).

  5. In the Script Association Mappings area, click Search.
    The Script Mapping Selection form appears.
  6. From the Script Mapping Selection form, you can search for existing mappings or create a new mapping:
    • To search for existing mappings, enter the search criteria in the Script Mapping Search Criteria section, and then click Search.
    • To create a new mapping, click the New button.
      The New Script Mapping form appears. The New Script Mapping form contains the mapping fields that you can use for your script.
  7. Enter the new script mapping information.
  8. Click Save.

To relate the script to this mapping entry

  1. On the Script Setup form, use the Search Criteria section to search for and retrieve the correct script.
    When the search finishes, it places all of the matches in the table.
  2. In the table, select the script and then click Search in the Script Association Mappings section.
  3. Use the Script Mapping Search Criteria area of the Script Mapping Selection dialog box to locate the mapping to which you want to relate the script.
    If a mapping does not exist, you can create one by clicking New.

  4. Select the mapping you want from the table on the Script Mapping Selection dialog box and click Select.
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