This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Service Desk.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Incident Management predefined reports

You first select the type of report that you want to run. The report type pulls information from the appropriate BMC Remedy ITSM application form. After you select a report type, you select the individual report that you want to run.

To access predefined reports, select Functions > Reports. On the Report Console, under Category, select Incident. A list of available reports is displayed. Reports are organized by category, some of which contain subcategories. 

The following table describes the predefined Web reports:

Report name


All Incidents > Incident Details (Dynamic – By Status and Assigned Groups)

All Incidents by Status and Assigned GroupsLists details of all incidents. Details include summary and work information.
The report provides a summary of all incidents by status. You can drill down to the assigned groups for the selected incident status.
You can also select an assigned group to see incident details. For additional details about the incident, you can select the incident record in the report to view the Incident form and take required action.
Open Incident Count by Assignee Group and AssigneeProvides a count of the incident by assigned group and the each assignee for the group. Management can use this report to review the current workload.
Open Incident Count by Product CategorizationProvides a breakdown of the number of incidents for each product category (for example, under Hardware, the count for Processing Unit)

Open Incidents > Count By Assignee Group

Open Incidents > Count By Product Categorization
Resolved Incident Volume by Product CategorizationDisplays details of all resolved incidents based on Tier 1 product categorization
Resolved Incidents > Resolved Incidents
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