This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Service Desk.

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Creating a computer system CI

Use this procedure to create a computer system CI.

To create a computer system CI

  1. From the Navigation pane of the console, choose Functions > Manage CIs.
  2. From the CI Type list of the CI Type dialog box, select System > Computer System.
  3. Click Create.
  4. In the CI Name field of the Computer System form, type a name for the CI.

    Best Practice

    When creating a CI name, we recommend that you follow a consistent naming convention. According to ITIL guidelines, identifiers should be short but meaningful, and for hardware they should not be based on supplier device names. For example, the name can include an indicator of the CI's function (such as Workstation or Monitor) followed by a numeric code (for example, MONITOR100).

  5. In the CI ID field, type a unique alphanumeric value for the CI.
  6. Select the company to which this CI belongs.
  7. From the Primary Capability and Capability lists, select the roles this CI performs in your company's topology.
  8. Select a status from the Status list.
    The default value is Deployed. You can select one of the following options:




    The CI was ordered from the supplier.


    The CI was received in shipping.

    Being Assembled

    The CI is being assembled.


    The CI was installed.

    In Repair

    The CI is down for maintenance.


    The CI is down, but not yet in maintenance.

    End of Life

    The CI is no longer being deployed.


    The CI was transferred to another place.


    The CI is marked for deletion. You must be a member of the APP-Management or APP-Administrator group to mark a CI for deletion.

    In Inventory

    The CI is in inventory but not yet deployed. When you select this status, you are prompted to select the inventory place.

    On Loan

    The CI is on loan to another location.


    The CI is no longer available and was disposed of.


    The CI was reserved and taken out of inventory.

    Return to Vendor

    The CI must be returned to the vendor as damaged or unwanted.

  9. Specify whether the CI is supported by selecting Yes or No from the Supported list.
  10. Select what impact or urgency this CI will have if it goes down.
  11. In the Users Affected field, specify the number of people who use this CI or will be affected if it goes down.
  12. Complete the other fields in this area:

    Field name


    Tag Number

    The CI tag number; this is the number usually placed on the product by a member of your IT department to track the CI.

    Serial Number

    The CI serial number

    Part Number

    The CI part number

    System Role

    The role this CI plays in your company

    Status Reason

    The reason this CI has the status it does

  13. Click the General tab.
  14. Categorize your CI using the lists and fields in the Product Categorization area.
  15. Specify the place of the CI using the lists and fields in the Location area.
  16. Enter the dates of the CI in the lifecycle area.
  17. Click the Specifications tab.
  18. Add more information about the CI.
  19. Click Save.
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