Rolling Update 1 for version 21.3

This topic contains information about the support added in this Rolling Update and provides instructions for downloading and installing 21.3 Rolling Update 1.

Rolling Updates do not contain all of the files that are required for complete product installation. Rolling Updates are installed on top of a service pack, patch, or base release without affecting the product version or build number. 

Support for Windows Server 2022 

Agent and patching support for Windows Server 2022 is available in this Rolling Update.

Downloading the Rolling Update

Obtain the files for this Rolling Update from the following FTP location:

or register to view the contents of this page.

Applying the Rolling Update


The hotfix released for the Apache Log4j vulnerabilities and the 21.3 Rolling Update 1 are independent of each other. You can apply them in any sequence.

Before applying this Rolling Update, ensure that you have installed TrueSight Server Automation 21.3 having the build number as

Upgrading the TrueSight Server Automation console

When you apply this Rolling Update, you do not need to upgrade the TrueSight Server Automation Console.


Wait for the installation process to complete successfully on one Application Server, before starting the installation process on another Application Server.

Perform the following steps on all the Application Servers:

  1. Log on to the Application Server as a user with root or administrator privileges.

  2. Ensure that you have downloaded the zip file from the FTP location to the Application Server and verified the checksum. 

  3. Extract the downloaded file to a temporary directory on your Application Server.

    • (WindowsC:\temp
    • (Linux/tmp

  4. Open the command prompt or shell terminal, and navigate to the directory where you have extracted the files.

  5. Run the following command:

    • (Windows) nsh rollingUpdateInstaller.nsh
    • (Linux) sh

    Application Server restart information

    The Application Server restarts twice for the installation to complete successfully.

  6. Verify that the following message is displayed on the command prompt or shell terminal:
    #### Rolling Updatation Completed Successfully ####
  7. Verify that the Application Server has been updated successfully by checking the Rolling Update version in the RU_Version file. This file is typically present at the following location on the Application Server:
    • (WindowsC:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RU_Version

    • (Linux/opt/bmc/bladelogic/RU_Version

  8. Run the following SQL query on the database:

    ---------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    1   success         <tssaAppServerHost>       2021-12-02 22:34:54.120

Installing the RSCD Agent

After applying the rolling update successfully, install RSCD213-RU1-WIN64.msi on Windows Server 2022 by using the Agent installer Job. For instructions, see Creating an agent bundle and Creating an Agent Installer Job.

Using the offline downloader utility

Patch downloader utility can be used for downloading Windows Server 2022 patches and bulletins by adding the following subscription tag in the sample-windows-downloader-config.xml file. For more information, see Patch Downloader utility for Microsoft Windows.

      <product-category>Microsoft Windows Server 2022</product-category>

Using catalog filters

After applying the Rolling Update, the filter list for the online and offline catalogs will display Windows Server 2022.

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  1. Vikram Raithatha

    unable to access would you please add this to EPD site

    Jan 07, 2022 05:40
    1. Vignesh Kannan

      Hello Vikram Raithatha,

      From the version 22.2 you can access this information from EPD.

      Vignesh K

      Jul 18, 2023 12:22
  2. Brian Hafner

    For ftp download: login = anonymous password = email address

    Jan 25, 2022 01:08
    1. Vignesh Kannan

      Hello Brian Hafner,

      Could you please try with:
      Username: anonymous

      Password: anonymous


      Vignesh K

      Jul 18, 2023 12:23
  3. Barry Reilly

    ffs lads , stop using FTP links, add everything to EPD or a HTTPS:// site linked to the ftp directory.

    browser block and company proxies do too. ./facepalm

    Feb 04, 2022 01:02
    1. Vignesh Kannan

      Hello Barry Reilly,

      Thanks for your feedback!
      From the version 22.2 you can access this information from EPD.


      Vignesh K

      Jul 18, 2023 12:25
  4. Greg Michael

    The FTP link is accessible (if your company allows TCP_21 out to the internet) but there is nothing in the /pub folder that is visible.

    @Sulekha Gulati remove the FTP link and create a link to EPD and/or HTTPS.

    Sep 16, 2022 09:08
    1. Greg Michael

      Apparently the FTP folders inside /pub are hidden but still accessible. If you copy the full link into your FTP client, it should download. The documentation should call this out if BMC is going to continue to rely on insecure transfer utilities like FTP.

      Sep 16, 2022 04:43
    1. Vignesh Kannan

      Hello Greg Michael,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      Starting with version 22.2, you can access information from the EPD.


      Vignesh K

      Jul 18, 2023 12:26