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This section provides information about what is new or changed in TrueSight Server Automation, including urgent issues, documentation updates, feature packs, and fix packs.




September 30, 2022Notification of a critical issue with partitioned databases

Identifies the corrective action for a problem related to offline or online database cleanup utility on partitioned tables. 

June 14, 2022Notification of a critical issue with the blcli Delete cleanupObsoleteFilesFromFileServer commandAlerts users of TrueSight Server Automation 21.3 to a critical issue that occurs with the blicli Delete cleanupObsoleteFilesFromFileServer command.
December 19, 2021Fix available for Apache Log4j vulnerabilitiesMitigation for the Apache Log4j vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046
December 13, 2021Rolling Update 1 for version 21.3Support for Windows Server 2022 for Agent and Patching
October 21, 202121.3 enhancements

Includes the following enhancements and updates:

  • Use subscription certificates from the repository server for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Access subscription certificates from a non-standard location on the repository server

  • Verification of Smart Hub and Smart Hub Gateway by Application Servers and Smart Agents

  • Secure TLS communication between the Application Server and RSCD Agents using server-side, CA-signed certificates

  • Analyze RPMs flagged as security updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux patch catalogs

  • Database cleanup performance improvement

  • Operations Dashboard UI enhancements

  • Password updates for the Live Reporting dashboard

  • Installer updates

  • Third-party software updates

  • PKI authentication updates

  • Additional Compliance Content templates

  • Assign multiple managed servers to an existing server group using a text file
    Improved job run logging for Patching and Deploy Jobs

  • Configure additional number of errors and warnings in logs for a target and job run

  • Change in the system authorization notification mechanism for audit trails
    REST API enhancements


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