Changing the BladeLogicRSCDDC account password on domain controllers

The RSCD account must be functional for user mapping. The default name for this account is BladeLogicRSCD, but on a domain controller it is named BladeLogicRSCDDC. For more information about this user account, see User accounts.

At times it might be necessary to change the password on this RSCD account due to customer requirements, and doing so on Microsoft Windows domain controllers can be difficult because the account is shared across domain controllers. To change the password you can use either the chapw command or the agentctl utility:

  • The chapw command enables you to change the BladeLogicRSCDDC account password across domain controllers in the same domain, while all agents are running.
  • The agentctl utility enables you to change the BladeLogicRSCDDC account password on a specific domain controller. This is especially useful if you need to set the password on a domain controller that is being added to the domain after the password was already changed. To use the agentctl utility to change the account password, the RSCD agent must be shut down.

Using chapw to change the password across domain controllers

  1. Ensure that all RSCD agents installed on the domain controllers in the domain are running.
  2. Ensure that the NSH session is mapped to an Administrative account on the domain controller.
    1. Run the following command:
      agentinfo dc1 dc2 dc3 [... dc(n)]
    2. In the command output, check the mapped user account that is mentioned for the User Permissions parameter. agentinfo
      Agent Release :
      Hostname :
      Operating System: WindowsNT 10.0 (x86_64)
      User Permissions: BladeLogicRSCD@CLM-PUN-T0JMH4-> (Identity via trust)
      Security : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1
      Host ID : 40E9DB22
      # of Processors : 4
      License Status : Licensed for NSH/CM

      In this output, the mapped user account is "Administrator"

  3. Run the following command from an NSH session on the domain controllers. 

    > chapw -p password -m pdc_emulator dc2 dc3 [... dc(n)]

Using the agentctl utility to change the password on a specific domain controller

  1. Shut down the RSCD agent (or ensure that it is down) on the domain controller where you want to change the BladeLogicRSCDDC account password.
  2. Run the following command on the domain controller:

    > <full path to agentctl> passwd 

    For example

    > "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD\agentctl.exe" passwd
  3. When prompted, enter the new password. You are prompted twice for the new password.

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