Security wall of fame

The BMC Product Quality and Security Group is pleased to recognize the security researchers who have responsibly reported security vulnerabilities and have helped make BMC products more secure.

 Below is a non-exhaustive list of researchers who have worked with us to remediate security vulnerabilities and have not shared vulnerability details or exploits with third-parties without oversight or prior consent from BMC.

 Thank you for helping BMC strengthen our various products. We truly value your contribution.

Daniel Hirschberger (SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab)

Maksymilian Kubiak

Jean-Romain Garnier (AIRBUS Security Lab)

Igor Souza

Rinaldo Erens

Robin Descamps - NTT Belgium

Brandin Perry (Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative)
Lockheed Martin Red Team

Nicholas Migliore

Raphaël Arrouas
Stephane Grundschober
Jakub Pałaczyński

Vignesh Chandrasekaran

Samuel Dugo

Nitish Shah

Guillaume Quéré

François Goichon

Joao Dows
Bartłomiej Stasiek 
Pawel Gocyla
Shubham Maheshwari
Mario Boileau
Spyridon Chatzimichail
Leonardo Ferreira 

Eduardo Naranjo Pessota

Gao Fang
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