This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Single Sign-On.

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Benchmarking results for Remedy SSO 9.1.01

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Remedy Single Sign-on (RSSO) is a new product of the BMC Remedy ITSM suite. Remedy SSO supports SSO integration of the AR Platform with other authentication products such as SAML.

This topic covers the first case of Remedy SSO 9.1.01 benchmark, where Remedy SSO is deployed as an independent service.

Test Environment

BMC built a dedicated setup for RSSO benchmarking. The following table describes servers in this setup:

Server Number of ServerMachineOS
Remedy SSO server 9.1.011VM with 4 vCPU 12 GB RAMCentOS 7.1
Remedy AR server 9.1.011VM with 2 vCPU 12 GB RAMCentOS 7.1
Remedy Mid Tier 9.1.011VM with 4 vCPU 12 GB RAMCentOS 7.1
Microsoft SQL server 20121Physical machine with 20 cores 512 GB RAMWindows 2012


All servers have LAN networking connections.

BMC Remedy Single Sign-On performance benchmark configuration settings for 9.1.01 describes the Remedy SSO server configuration settings that were used.

BMC measured Remedy SSO server response time and throughput for the following scenarios:

ScenarioWorkload descriptionServer Authentication Rate
A540 users with every user login (and logout) with AR Authentication19 requests/second
B540 users with every user login (and logout) with KDC Authentication25 requests/second

RSSO performance load testing results summary

Workload DescriptionRSSO Authentication - Response Time (second)Average % of CPU Utilization

Total Named
Active Users

in total
in total





RSSO Mid TierARDatabase



0.0630.180.2197.5%37.1% 73.8%20.8%


  • Timings reported above are server response times, excluding web browser rendering time. Timings were taken by using Silk Performer timer which measures server response times of the following HTTP requests.

  • Give a VM with 4 vCPU, Remedy 9.1.01 RSSO uses only 7.5 percent of CPU resource  and achieves  0.11 second average server response time when the workload  is 19 Authentication requests per second.
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