This documentation supports the 22.3 version of BMC Helix Single Sign-On, which is available only to BMC Helix customers (SaaS). 

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Quick start for SaaS administrators

As a SaaS administrator, you can create and fully manage other SaaS administrators, tenant administrators, and tenants in BMC Helix Single Sign-On. Review the following concepts, and follow the links to learn more about the capabilities of the SaaS administrator in BMC Helix SSO.

Basic concepts for SaaS administrators

  • Tenant—A configuration instance that has its own share of data and functionality. Tenants are fully isolated from each other, but they are saved on the same BMC Helix SSO server. For example, a BMC customer, company A that stores account data, has a maximum session time of 3 minutes to mitigate session-based attacks. Another BMC customer, company B that owns a service platform, has an increased maximum session time of 1 hour to enable efficient customer experience.
  • Tenant administrator—A user who has full rights to manage local users for realms in their tenant.
  • Authentication method—A flow that is used to authenticate end users. An authentication method affects the log-in and log-out experience. 

Essential tasks as a SaaS administrator

The following diagram illustrates the basic actions that a SaaS administrator can perform in BMC Helix SSO:


To learn more about each task, see the following sections: 

Create SaaS and tenant administrators

Create SaaS and tenant administrators by navigating to the Admin User tab in the BMC Helix SSO Admin Console.

For more information, see Setting up BMC Helix SSO administrator accounts.

Configure authentication for end users

You can configure the following authentication methods for a realm on the BMC Helix SSO server:


For more information, see Configuring authentication.

Configure the BMC Helix SSO server

Configure the BMC Helix SSO server settings such as log level, maximum session time for end users and administrators, lockout functionality, or retention policy. For example, you can enable interactive self-help for administrators.

For more information, see Configuring the BMC Helix SSO server.

Add and manage local users

Add and search for local users, change local user's password, add groups (roles) to a realm, or add users to or remove users from a role.

For more information, see Managing local users and passwords.

Review audit records

By default, the Audit tab shows all logged administrator, end-user actions, or actions of both for the last day. You can filter audit data by a certain date. 

For more information, see Reviewing audit records.

Grant administrator privileges for external LDAP users

For more information, see Configuring authentication for BMC Helix SSO administrators.

Additional tasks for SaaS administrators

After you have mastered the SaaS administration tasks, explore the following features:

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