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Transforming User ID to match Login ID

During the login procedure Remedy Single Sign-On checks that the login ID provided by an end user matches the user ID available in the user store of an identity provider (IdP). In many use cases, the login ID and the user ID do not match, and end users cannot login by using their login credentials. 

To transform the user ID as a required for an authentication method,  Remedy Single Sign-On provides user ID transformation options. You need to specify a user ID transformation type if there is a mismatch between a user name coming from the identity provider and a user name specified in the user form. Suppose you have a user name CustomeUserName@gmail.com coming from the identity provider response, and the user name specified in the Remedy AR System is CustomUserName. To configure the authentication method for end users' login, you need to transform the user ID to remove the domain from the user ID.

You might also need to transform a user ID when you integrate Remedy SSO with BMC applications, set up an authentication method, and then change the original authentication method. The new authentication method might not provide the same user ID format that was available with the original method, and you need to specify a user ID transformation type for this authentication type.   

User ID transformation options

The following table lists the user ID transformation options available in the User ID Transformations list:



Displays the entered userID without any transformation.

RemoveBMCDomainDisplays the userID without the suffix.

Displays the userID without the prefix <domain>.

Example: companyname\userid is transformed to userID.

RemoveEMailDomainDisplays userID without the suffix@<anyemaildomain>.

Displays userID after converting it to lower case.

Example: UserID is transformed to userid.


Displays userID after converting it to upper case.

Example: userid is transformed to USERID.

The User ID Transformations list is available for all authentication methods except Local.

In addition to the options provided by Remedy SSO, you can create and deploy custom transformation types, see Creating User ID custom transformation types.

To transform the user ID to match the login ID

  1. In the User ID Transformation field, specify a required transformation type.
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