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Roles and permissions

This topic describes roles and permissions for using Remedy Single Sign-On Admin Console.

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Remedy SSO internal administrators

Remedy SSO internal administrators are users who can access Remedy SSO Admin Console and have unrestricted permissions to perform any tasks in it.

When a system administrator installs the Remedy SSO server, the Remedy SSO internal administrator is by default created on Remedy SSO server. For information about how to log in to Remedy SSO Admin Console by using the credentials of the default internal administrator, see Verifying the installation.

After you log in to the Remedy SSO for the first time as the default administrator, you can change the default password and create other administrator users. For details about how to do this, see Setting up Remedy SSO administrator accounts.

Remedy SSO external administrators

To distribute responsibility between Remedy SSO administrators, an internal Remedy SSO administrator can configure external users as Remedy SSO administrators.  External users can log in to Remedy SSO Admin Console, and perform all administrative tasks in it. 

To create external administrators, an internal administrator needs to configure LDAP authentication in Remedy SSO Admin Console and then configure LDAP authentication for external admins. External administrators follow the password policies enforced by LDAP. The login and logout activities of an external administrator are displayed in the Remedy SSO log files. For instructions on how to configure LDAP for external administrators, see Configuring authentication for Remedy SSO administrators.

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