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Start page

The Digital Service Management page serves as a start page where end users can access applications protected by Remedy Single Sign-On. 

The Remedy SSO administrator configures the Digital Service Management page by adding applications to the LaunchPad page in the Remedy SSO Admin Console. For information about how to do this, see Adding applications to the Digital Service Management page.

Applications displayed on the Digital Service Management page

The Remedy SSO administrator can configure applications to be displayed on the Digital Service Management page whether or not integrated with Remedy SSO. Applications are displayed on the Digital Service Management page if the application domain belongs to the realm through which an end user is logged in.

Digital Service Management page

Accessing the Digital Service Management page 

End users can access the Digital Service Management page by typing the following URL in a browser window: http(s)://[RSSO_HOST]:[RSSO_PORT]/rsso/launchpad/

If the Remedy SSO administrator has not configured the application domain of the launchpad application in the Application Domain filed for any of the available realms, the MSP (Multi Service Provider) page for entering the application domain is displayed:

Otherwise, the user is redirected to the single sign-on login page.

After the user logs on, the Digital Service Management page is displayed with the applications available to the logged in user:

To log in to an application not integrated with Remedy SSO, an end user must enter the user credentials. If an application is integrated with Remedy SSO, the user does not need to log in again, and is automatically logged in to the application.

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