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Navigating Remedy SSO Admin Console

This topic describes Remedy SSO Admin Console.



General > Basic

Configure Remedy SSO server details.

Configuring the Remedy SSO server

General > Advanced

Configure SAML service provider details when you configure SAML authentication for a realm.

Configuring SAML 2.0 authentication

General > Admin AuthenticationConfigure the authentication type for admin users.Configuring the Remedy SSO server
RealmAssign a realm to different domains.

Adding and configuring realms

Rebranding the end user login page

SessionView a report of all ongoing sessions.

Invalidating and configuring end user sessions

Local User ManagementManage users for local user authentication.

Configuring Local authentication

OAuth2Configure the OAuth2 authentication.

Configuring OAuth 2.0

LaunchPadConfigure the applications to display on the Digital Service Management page.

Adding applications to the Digital Service Management page

Admin User Management

Configure Remedy SSO administrator accounts.

Setting up Remedy SSO administrator accounts


Perform the following actions:

  • Log Out—To log out from Remedy SSO Admin Сonsole.
  • Change Password—To change an administrator account password.
  • Export—To export configurations of Remedy SSO server to a JSON file.
  • Import—To import configurations of Remedy SSO server from a JSON file.

Configuring the Remedy SSO server

Setting up Remedy SSO administrator accounts

Importing and exporting BMC Remedy Single Sign-On configurations

Remedy SSO Overview

Key Concepts

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