This documentation supports the 19.05 version of Remedy Single Sign-On.

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Integrating Remedy SSO with BMC Digital Workplace

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  1. Marcus Kruegerke

    Hi Supporter,

    please check your docu. I have today update my rsso agent from 18.11 to 19.05. When I take all Steps from the docu, my dwp don't start. After I copy the files: org.apache.oltu.oauth2.client-.jar jjwt-api-.jar into the external-conf/lib directory my dwp starts. Additional I have a Problem, when I take the logout-Button. After I edit the logout-url back to /atssologout.html All was fine. Please edit the docu.

    Aug 22, 2019 02:14
    1. Stefan Hall

      Marcus is right, the copied documentation does not take into account the massive changes in libraries since RSSO 1905. An absolutely annoying situation, because there is no installer for DWP and every admin follows these instructions.

      Copying is not always the best solution, I ask for a little more attention and a quick correction!

      Aug 24, 2019 08:31
      1. Olga Kutetska

        Hello, Stefan!

        We will prioritize this request, and improve the document as soon as possible. Thank you for the feedback.

        Aug 27, 2019 12:50
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Marcus!

      I have raised this question with development team. We will improve this as soon as possible.

      Aug 27, 2019 12:52
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Marcus!

      I have checked with the development team, and they claim that the guideline on this page is correct.

      Copying files does not need to be done starting from version 18.05, because DWP installer has rsso-agent-all.jar, rsso-client-impl.jar and rsso-sdk-atsso.jar of the same version.

      In other words, 18.08 DWP contains 18.08 version of rsso-*.jars, 18.11 DWP contains 18.11 version of rsso-*.jars and so on. 

      Going forward, we do not recommend to integrate with RSSO server by manually copying jars.

      By doing so, it is very easy to introduce intermittent errors in DWP setup, which will expose themselves sooner or later.

      You must have the DWP setup broken on your environment, since dwp.war itself contains jjwt-api.jar of different version and so there would be runtime conflicts of classes from both jar files.

      Aug 28, 2019 10:01
  2. Stefan Hall

    I forgot, the documentation for 1908 is of course only copied and thus just as wrong. A comment is not possible there!

    Aug 24, 2019 08:33
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hi Sefan,

      I have just checked the permissions for comments in 1908. Comments are not allowed for anonymous users. You have to log to be able to leave a comment.

      We will make sure to include the required changes in 19.08 as well. 

      Aug 27, 2019 01:01
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Stefan!

      Could you, please, check the previous answer.

      Aug 28, 2019 10:08
  3. Stefan Hall

    If you're right, then why is there this side? If I follow the instructions and copy the given jar files, the integration won't work. The manual is wrong.

    Also your statement from 1905 is not correct, if dwp would contain the RSSO 1905 files, it would be much more libs. 3 were only until 1902.

    Please hire another expert who is really familiar with RSSO.

    Sep 01, 2019 05:12
    1. Olga Kutetska

      Hello, Stefan!

      I very sorry that you are having troubles with our documentation. I had consulted with both Remedy SSO and Digital Workplace teams before I wrote the reply to you.

      I have readdressed your comments to the development team again, and asked them to take a look into the problem again.

      Sep 09, 2019 03:09
  4. Mykola Slutskyi

    Hi Stefan Hall,

    I agree with you that manual is actually wrong, namely its step 3 from section 'To integrate Remedy SSO with BMC Digital Workplace'

    3. Copy the following JARs from the installer/Disk1/files/rsso-agent/ into tomcat/external-conf/lib folder:

    • rsso-agent-all.jar

    • rsso-sdk-atsso.jar

    • rsso-client-impl.jar

    As Olga Kutetska mentioned above, copying files does not need to be done starting from version 18.05.

    Could you please clarify why 'statement from 1905 is not correct'?

    Do you mean that after running DWP installer v19.05 there were only 3 *.jar files: rsso-agent-all.jar, rsso-sdk-atsso.jar, rsso-client-impl.jar in tomcat/external-conf/lib folder?

    (per changes that I did to adapt to 'massive libraries change in RSSO 19.02' there should be org.apache.oltu.oauth2.client-1.0.2.jar, org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common-1.0.2.jar in addition to above 3.)

    However, there should NOT be jjwt-api-.jar, because DWP itself has this jar inside of $DWP_HOME/WEB-INF/lib and both $DWP_HOME/WEB-INF/lib and tomcat/external-conf/lib are in the same classpath (making JAR hell issue real in DWP).

    Sep 09, 2019 06:20