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Configuring settings for Remedy SSO administrators

You can configure the following options for Remedy SSO administrators:

To configure the maximum session time for administrators

  1. In the Remedy SSO Admin Console, click General > Basic.
  2. In the Max Admin Session Time field, set the time after which the admin session expires.

    When this value is selected, time constraints are automatically enforced. By default, one hour is set.


    The minimum value is 1 minute, and the maximum value is 1 year

  3. Click Save.

To enable the lockout functionality for  Remedy SSO administrators

By default, the account lockout functionality is disabled for the Remedy SSO Admin Console. You can set the number of login attempts for Remedy SSO administrator accounts before the accounts get locked out.  

  1. In the Remedy SSO Admin Console, click General > Basic.
  2. In the Admin Lockout Threshold field, enter a number of login attempts for administrators. 
    By default, the value is set to 0.

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