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Setting up Remedy SSO administrator accounts

You can use your Remedy Single Sign-On administrator account to create multiple Remedy SSO administrator accounts in your organization so that each administrator has his own login details.

To add an administrator user account

  1. Log in to Remedy SSO Admin Console.

  2. Click the Admin User Management tab.
    The list of administrator users is displayed.

  3. Click Add Admin User.

  4. On the Add Admin User page, enter the following details:

    • Admin User Login—name of the Remedy SSO administrator. The value is case insensitive.
    • Password—the password must be at least 8 characters long.
    • Confirm Password 
  5. Click Save.

The administrator account is now added, and it is available in List of Admin Users.

User management options

Under the Action column on the Admin User Management tab, you can manage the administrator user accounts by performing the following tasks:

Lock/Unlock Admin User

If a user account has violated any policies, you can temporarily disable this user by locking the account. When you lock an administrator account, the current session of the administrator user does not get invalidated. You must manually invalidate the current session of this user. For information about how to invalidate a user session, see Invalidating end user sessions.

If an administrator exceeds the number of login attempts by trying to log in using an incorrect password, the administrator account is locked automatically if you have configured the automatic lockout feature. You can unlock an administrator user at any time.

Note: You cannot lock administrator account under which you are currently logged in. To lock account you must use some other account.

Edit Admin User

You can change the password of an administrator.

Note: You cannot change the login name of an administrator.

Delete Admin User

You can delete an administrator account.

When you delete an administrator user account, the old sessions of the administrator user account do not get invalidated. You have to manually invalidate the old sessions of that administrator user.

Note: You cannot remove an account under which you are currently logged in. To remove the currently logged in user account, log in to Remedy SSO Admin Console as another administrator user, and delete the required account.

To configure Remedy SSO to lock an administrator account automatically

You can configure Remedy SSO to automatically lock an administrator account in a case of brute force attack. By default, this feature is disabled. 

  1. Log in to Remedy SSO Admin Console.

  2. Click the General tab.

  3. Select Basic > Session Settings.

  4. In the Admin Lockout Threshold field, select a value—to set the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed by Remedy SSO. 

    If the number of login attempts exceeds the number of attempts that you have set, the administrator account will be locked automatically.


    • The default value is 0. The lockout feature is disabled when this value is set to 0.
    • The lockout feature applies to internal administrators only.
  5. Click Save.

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