This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Single Sign-On, which is available only to BMC Helix customers (SaaS). 

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring preauthentication

As a BMC Helix Single Sign-On administrator, you can configure a realm for preauthentication if a third-party provider is configured to perform authentication. You might need to configure a realm for preauthentication if you need to cross launch an application inside another application hosted on a different BMC Helix Single Sign-On server. For more information about this use case, see Deployment scenarios

Before you begin

Add a realm and configure its general settings.

For more information about how to add and configure a realm, see Adding and configuring realms.

To configure preauthentication

  1. In the User ID field, enter the name of the JWT entry to be used for user identification.


    Because a JWT is generated and provided by a third-party system, the name of the claim containing the User ID is arbitrary. Consult the documentation of your third-party product to find out the actual JWT claim name containing the User ID value used for integration.

  2. In the Certificate field, copy the certificate of the server that signs the JWT. 


    The certificate must be in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format.

  3. (Optional) To allow an originating application to open a target application through iframe, in the ALLOW-FROM Domain(s) field, enter the name of the originating application. 
    You can specify the target server as follows:
    • * - wildcard. Allowed for all domains.
    • hostname - Allowed for specified domain, ignoring port.
    • hostname:port - Allowed for exact match host:port.
    • proto://hostname:port - Allowed for exact match host:port. 

    For information about cross launching, see Enabling cross launch for applications integrated with different BMC Helix SSO servers.

Where to go from here

After you have configured a realm for preauthentication, you must configure the BMC Helix SSO agent to expect JWT by GET or POST method. For more information, see Configuring the BMC Helix SSO agent.

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