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R+/CHANGE ACCUM requires different authorizations depending on which part of the product you use.

Subsequent sections discuss authorization for using

  • R+/CHANGE ACCUM batch program to create and register change accumulation files in the R+/CHANGE ACCUM repository

  • R+/CHANGE ACCUM ISPF interface to create change accumulation file definitions in the R+/CHANGE ACCUM repository

  • MODIFY ACCUM utility to delete change accumulation files from the R+/CHANGE ACCUM repository


You should not allow structured query language (SQL) access to the repository tables. Grant Db2 update authority only to users who must bind the R+/CHANGE ACCUM and BMC AMI Recover plans.

Using the R+/CHANGE ACCUM batch program

To use the batch program to create and register change accumulation files, you must have Db2, Resource Access Control Facility (RACF), and APF authorizations.

Specifically, you must have one of the following Db2 authorizations (granted through RACF if you use the Db2 authorization exit):

  • INSTALL SYSADM or SYSADM authority

  • EXECUTE on R+/CHANGE ACCUM plan and one of the following authorizations:

    • SYSCTRL or system DBADM authority

    • DBADM, DBCTRL, DBMAINT, or IMAGCOPY authority for the databases containing the target objects

For RACF authorization, you must have read authority to access the data sets if the archive and active log data sets, the BSDS, and the Db2 directory are protected by RACF or by a similar system security package.


If you are using RACF and BMC AMI Recover was installed with option OPNDB2ID=YES, this RACF authority is not required if you are running BMC AMI Recover. If you are using any system security package other than RACF, the authority is required.

R+/CHANGE ACCUM uses MVS system services that require APF authorization. All load modules that R+/CHANGE ACCUM loads must be authorized and must reside in APF-authorized libraries, as follows:

  • System sort routine

  • DFP module IGWASYS, which generally resides in SYS1.CSSLIB. (For DFP Version 3.2 or earlier, this module is called IGWAQSMS.)

Using the R+/CHANGE ACCUM ISPF interface

To use the R+/CHANGE ACCUM ISPF interface, you must have Db2 EXECUTE authority for the BMC AMI Recover application plan.

Using the MODIFY ACCUM command

To update the R+/CHANGE ACCUM repository by using the MODIFY ACCUM utility, you need the same Db2 authorities required to use the R+/CHANGE ACCUM batch program. These must be granted via RACF if you use the Db2 authorization exit.

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