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Task management


A BMC Remedyforce task is a unit of work that must be completed as a step in resolving an incident, problem, change request, or release. If the solution to an incident involves more than one action, procedure, or process, consider dividing the solution into separate tasks. Dividing the solution into separate tasks can help you to manage and monitor the incident as it moves toward resolution. You can create a task from an existing record or directly by using the Task form. When you create a task from a record, all the associated details of the record, such as client name, category, and description, are filled in to the task form. If a task is created from an incident, the incident number is also copied to the task so that a staff member knows that the incident that is related to the task.


A Salesforce task is a type of workflow action that determines the details of an assignment given to a specified user by a workflow rule or approval process. You can create tasks and then associate them with the workflow rules or approval processes that triggers them. System administrators can also create tasks while creating the workflow through Add Workflow Action > New Task. For more information about Salesforce tasks, see Salesforce Help.

The following video (2:13) provides an overview of Task Management.

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