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Overview of how users are imported from LDAP servers

BMC Remedyforce provides Pentaho packages to import users from the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers into your Salesforce organization. For more information about Pentaho packages, see Overview of Pentaho packages. The imported Salesforce Platform license users are stored in the User table, and users and contacts are created in the Salesforce organization. The imported Customer Portal license users are stored in the Client User Import table, which is a temporary table. Using the data in this table, users and contacts are created in the Salesforce organization.

Mapping for the LDAP servers and the Salesforce organization is provided using the Pentaho Data Integration tool. You can change the mapping that is provided in the sample files. All the fields in the User or Client User Import table can be mapped to a corresponding field in the LDAP server attributes.

If you change mapping in the sample files, the following fields are mandatory:

  • BMCServiceDesk__Last_Name__c
  • BMCServiceDesk__Client_User_Name__c
  • BMCServiceDesk__EmailID__c

User scenario for importing users from LDAP servers

David is a member of the Infrastructure team for Downtown Bank, responsible for managing the resources for ABC project. He signs up for BMC Remedyforce and expects to use the preconfigured, ITIL-based incident and problem-management processes.

Charlotte, a BMC Remedyforce administrator, helps David to import user details from the LDAP server to BMC Remedyforce. David can import users who have a Salesforce Platform license or a Customer Portal license by running the ..\TransferLDAPInfo.kjb file. David can verify whether the entries are correct on the Setup > Manage Users > Users page.

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