Using contact or lead as incident client

If you want to use lead or contact as the client of incidents, perform the following:

  • Add the Contact or Lead field: For Remedyforce Console, add the Contact or Lead field to one of the console-related field set of the Incident object. For the Salesforce page layout, click the Edit layout link on the upper-right corner of the Incident form to customize the layout and add the required field (Contact or Lead) on the Incident form. 
  • Activate the Select either User Lead or Contact validation rule: Activate the Select Either User Lead or Contact validation rule to ensure that users select a value in any one of the following fields only: Client ID, Contact, or Lead.
  • Make the Client ID field optional: For Remedyforce Console, navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Manage Objects > Create and Edit Objects. From the Object list, select Incident and then select Field Set. Click Edit for the field set that contains the Client ID field (Console - Client Details). Click  for the Client ID field. In the Field Properties window, clear the Required check box and click OK. Click Save.
    For the Salesforce page layout, click Edit Layout on the incident form. In the Client Details section, click  for the Client ID field. In the Field Properties window, clear the Required check box and click OK. Click Save.

To add more information to the Contact pop-up window

To add or remove fields from the Contact pop-up window, add or remove fields from the Column Headers field set of the Contact object.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Field Sets.
  2. In the Action column, click Edit beside Column Headers.
  3. Drag the fields that you want to show in the Contact pop-up window to the In the Field Set list.
  4. (Optional) To stop showing fields in the Contact pop-up window, select those fields in the In the Field Set list, and click .

  5. Click Save.

To create new field set for the Leads pop-up window

To show more information about a lead on the Incident or Task form, create a field set, Column Headers, for the Leads object and add fields to this field set.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads > Field Sets.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Field Set Label field, enter Column Headers.
  4. In the Field Set Name field, enter LinkRecords.


    For the Field Set Name field, you need to enter LinkRecords. Only then the fields which are configured in the field set are displayed for the Lead pop-up on the Incident or Task form.

  5. In the Where is this used? field, enter the required description about the field set.
  6. Click Save.
    For more information about field sets, see Salesforce Help.

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