Use-case scenario: Creating an incident in BMC Remedyforce based on alerts from BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics

David, an operations staff member for Downtown Bank, is responsible for managing 100 critical web applications.

He has set up BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics to monitor the applications and has one Watchpoint per application and five additional Watchpoints for the business critical applications (for example, login, transfer money, and check balance). David has an email address for the application support team.

David has set up a volume baseline on each application watchpoint so that he will be alerted when traffic increases for any of the critical applications (for example, login). This is an early warning system, because an increase in traffic does not necessarily mean that the end users are suffering. However, this warning tells David that alerts from the performance baselines could occur at any time.

David signs up for BMC Remedyforce and expects to create incidents through BMC Remedyforce by using the email messages. He wants to ensure that the existing alerts open incidents that are sent to the appropriate support groups.

Charlotte, a BMC Remedyforce administrator, helps David to set up the integration to create an incident in BMC Remedyforce according to the baselines.

  1. Charlotte creates an email listener in BMC Remedyforce and adds the EmailCreateIncident out-of-the-box Apex class to the email service.
  2. In BMC Remedyforce, Charlotte creates a template named CreateEUEMIncident that contains Impact, Client ID, Category, Description, and Status fields for an incident form for creating a new incident from an email message. She follows steps 4 through 7 in To configure BMC Remedyforce to create incidents from email messages received from BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics, specifying the CreateEUEMIncident template in the cloned workflow.
  3. David configures a Watchpoint in BMC End User Experience Management - Real User Monitor by performing the steps in Overview of field sets.
  4. When the traffic on the login page increases, an email message is generated and sent to the email address entered in the Send email to field. An incident is created in BMC Remedyforce from the received email message and the application support team is notified.
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